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perfect Meisterstück Rose Gold-Coated 149 Fountain Pen

Montblanc’s StarWalker collection has taken the writing instrument world by storm with their innovative designs. Montblanc StarWalker writing instruments are easily recognised by the floating snowcap emblem that crowns the writing instrument.

As of the 1st June, Montblanc released their new perfect Meisterstück Rose Gold-Coated 149 Fountain Pen collection of StarWalker writing instruments. The new StarWalker collection features new striking attributes whilst maintaining the traditional StarWalker design.

The first instalment of the new StarWalker collection is these stunning shiny metal writing instruments. This collection features the StarWalker metal fountain pen, StarWalker metal ballpoint pen and StarWalker metal fineliner pen. These writing instruments have all been crafted out of high-grade stainless steel with platinum-coated trims. These stunning shiny writing instruments can be engraved on the pen cap or clip to make them extra special.

The notion of Montblanc as a watch manufacturer has now been around long enough that most of us have gotten used to the ide – I think, on that issue, that there are always going to be those who object on philosophical grounds, but there are some hearts and minds cheap mont blanc uk you’re never going to win no matter how hard you try. The fact remains, however, that Montblanc has indeed been primarily a maker of writing instruments for most of its history, and that aspect of the company is one that most of us who know Montblanc as a watch manufacturer, may not know as well.

“The StarWalker line is about innovation, engineering and modernity,” explains Montblanc CEO, Nicolas Baretzki. “This product line, as well as this new campaign, reminds us to preserve and cherish our planet.”

“The majesty of our planet is difficult to describe,” says Baretzki. “That’s why we decided to take a unique perspective on space exploration by looking back at our planet from the vast expanse of space.”

Chiao has spent a total 229 days in space over the course of four missions and has used Montblanc writing instruments since his student days.