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best discount PIX White Ballpoint Pen

Montblanc is known for its high-end writing instruments and has produced many luxury pen models since their launch in Germany in 1906. In fact, to this day, their pens are still handmade in Germany.

The white precious resin and platinum-plated clip on the Montblanc PIX white fountain pen sets the writing instrument apart and makes it an excellent choice for avid writers and keen pen collectors alike.
The Montblanc PIX ballpoint pen was launched in best discount PIX White Ballpoint Pen August 2018 to pay homage to the historic PIX trademark that has been engraved under the clip of many Montblanc fountain pens. These inscriptions, together with the word “Made in Germany”, identify the pens as original Montblanc.

The physical design of the Montblanc PIX white ballpoint pen was inspired by the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s and 1930s. Similar to the style’s balance of simplicity and abstraction, this Montblanc ink pen offers pure design and a high degree of ease of use, perfect for writers and collectors.
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Inspired by the famous Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, the Montblanc White Flyer is inspired by the incredible collection of muses, including previous versions, including Princess Grace de Monaco. The color of the writing tool refers to the iconic white dress Monroe wore in the 1955 release of the film The Seven Year Itch. Few scenes in the history of cinema are as iconic as the scene with Marilyn standing on the subway’s g. See the upblow. The shape of the Muses Marilyn Monroe rollerball pen was inspired by the iconic 4-inch Ferragamo heels Marilyn wore, reflecting her femininity and sensuality. She is survived by her husband Joe DiMaggio.