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How to choose the first Montblanc fountain pen in life

Montblanc and its dazzling “little white flower” logo are a benchmark in the minds of fountain pen players, and since its acquisition by Richemont, its positioning has become more and more like a traditional “luxury” brand, making Montblanc a brand that many people know even if they have never paid attention to pens. But both in terms of historical status and current product cheap mont blanc uk quality, Montblanc’s signature should still be the fountain pen, with many classic models that have been around for decades, as well as a number of newly developed and eye-catching pieces. This time, we will start with some of Montblanc’s product lines to provide some reference for you to choose a favorite “dragon pen”, limited to the length and your own experience, some rare, antique, top pen models will not be introduced.

The Daiban series is Montblanc’s most popular product, and the first Montblanc pens I’ve observed are the classic Daiban 149 or 146, which are also the most popular pens on the second-hand market and the most popular as gifts. Although there are many models in the Taipan series, ranging from 114, 144 and 145 to 146, 147 and 149, the most common are the 145, 146 and 149. The difference can be seen in the appearance of these three classic pens: 149 is the longest and fattest; 146 is just 14.6cm long, one turn thinner than 149; 145 is the shortest and thinnest, the same length . The nib of the 149 is also much more generous, 146 as one would expect from a nib of the same size, 145 which is a little more subdued. In addition, both 146 and 149 use piston ink, while 145 can only use an inker or ink bladder,

▲ 146, 149 nibs The one change I think is most worth knowing was in 1993, a year in which the piston, nib total of 146 was changed to a modern pass version. For the modern mass-produced gold-plated versions of the 146 and 149 pens, the nibs are Au585 (i.e., 14K gold), with an inner layer of platinum and an outer yellow and inner white layer, and Au750 (18K), with an outer to inner yellow-white-yellow nib, also known as “medium yellow”. These two pens are currently available with a black resin cheap mont blanc uk body and a platinum and rose gold plated clip. There are countless other body materials such as lapis lazuli, malachite, sterling silver, steel, sandalwood, openwork, leather, etc. Daiban Series Meisterstück 149 Ink Pen

For first-time Montblanc pens: the 149 is recommended for a more subdued temperament, while the platinum version of the P146 might be a good choice for a more dynamic one. The Safety Pen ▲Heritage 1912 Safety Pen Schematic Safety Pen is also a Montblanc pen with a long history. The tip of the pen is usually stowed in the barrel, as opposed to a regular fountain pen, and the tip can be extended by rotating the piston at the end when writing.

The seal of this pen is excellent, and because it saves the length of the protruding nib, it is also much shorter than ordinary pens, so it can be said that this is a pen that “can be put in the pocket of the jacket” – not only short and portable, but also do not have to worry about the ink will spill and stain expensive clothes, and the nib inside the barrel of the pen is also not easily damaged by external forces. Last year Montblanc’s “Little Snake Pen” was a replica of the earlier safety pens, but unfortunately this set of red and black pens were not designed to be safety pens, but rather “a mere formality”. In addition to the limited 100th anniversary safety pens, there are only a few models of Bohème (generally referred to as small, medium is not a safety pen) and Heritage 1912, Heritage 1916 and other safety pens in the Montblanc line.